J. Andrew Gilbert – The Dreamer

A dreamer and an idealist at the core, Andrew will write most of the posts here. He hopes to get guest writers eventually, but most of the content will come from his tiny head of big ideas. He hopes to share things that he is learning, as well as to hear from you about what you’re going through. He has a huge heart for animation, graphic novels, and everything art related.

James and Elsie Gilbert – The Consultants

Andrew’s parents have served as his “consultants” since the conception of the blog and have constantly encouraged him. Throughout their parenting lives they have, somehow, managed to never doubt their son’s potential to be an artist. They were never scared of him not making enough money. They have guided him through the process of finding themes to talk about and provided him with some resources to read on blog writing. They’re both huge book worms and art enthusiasts.

James Gilbert works with photography supporting social organizations and the network he co-heads with Elsie Gilbert. Elsie Gilbert leads the network Mãos Dadas, promoting it’s events and writing for their blog.

Shiori Zinnen – The Editor

Shiori is a dear friend of Andrew who likes to criticize and pick apart his writing. He feels horrible every time she does it, but he knows she’s right. In the end, he can only comply. She is half-Japanese and half-American, with a huge heart for linguistics as well as for art. She draws, paints, and lives life beautifully.

If you would like to hire her for translating jobs – Japanese to English, English to Japanese – check out her online profile at Upworks.

Naomi Niewenhuis – The Editor II

Naomi is also a very dear friend of Andrew who has at times corrected his papers for college. She’s very good at it, but Andrew is sometimes stubborn and fights her about her corrections. They get along pretty well even if they argue. She was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which astounds Andrew — how can you live in the same city you were born in? She loves funny poetry, speaks Spanish, and has an affinity for Anne of Green Gables.

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