To Be a Flower

To be tender. To be frail. To be a flower: vulnerable and open.

That’s what I tried doing for most of this summer. To write blog posts and make art that mattered to me. That showed you parts and facets – of me. In the hope that, for some reason, those images, those pieces of me, also mattered to you.

A lot of the time it felt like I was just ignored. Writing into this void of the internet, where there’s already too much going on. Posting pictures and images that got few likes. After all that’s what it’s about, right? You liking my writing. You liking my paintings. My drawings. You liking… me. Right?To be a vulnerable flower - creativity

Every now and then I have to hide in a hole. When around people I’m constantly trying to please, to make them feel better, to add something of value to them, to offer something up – even if it’s some of my weirdness at times. So, every now and then, I must hide in a whole to just please myself, and not be constantly evaluating: Do they like me? Was that good? Was that worth their time?

Every now and then I need to hide my art in a hole. To make it only for myself. To bury the piece amidst all the files in my hard drive. To bury it within all the other papers. It’s art that doesn’t ask you to look at it. It’s just asking to exist for a second, only to be hidden and forgotten – it grows best in the dark confines of the earth.

Flower Hope

This is very hard, because in the end, the only way I can survive – to bring in the bread – is if I show my art to you. If I’m tender, frail, vulnerable and open like a flower. And trying to find that balance, between the art that I make for others, and the art that I make for myself, is a complicated one. The art that sprouts out in colorful petals and the art that hides under earth – gathering the nutrients.


Right now, I feel drained. My creativity has been flowing over this summer, and it’s running out. I know it can replenish itself, but it needs time. It needs time to allow the water to evaporate, condensate and to come back again. In that soft refreshing drizzle, that smells like summer and nourishes the earth.

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Breathe Beauty

I’ve written quite a few posts on how to keep going, how to keep pushing yourself and remain creative. But, today, I wanted to write why I think it is important to keep making art.

My belief in art starts with my parents. They have both encouraged me from the moment I wanted to be an author, as a tiny 8-year old, to the moment I took my first drawing lessons and wanted to be an artist. They’ve always believed in the power and influence of art. Be it visual, written, performed or otherwise, they believe in beauty. They also believed in me.

That’s why I think making art is so important: belief. Art has this incredible ability to make us believe. Art bridges the gap between our hearts and mind, and somehow makes us believe. It makes us believe in an adventure where a Hobbit finds a ring, deep in a cave, or in the beauty of mercy and honesty. It can also reveal darker sides of our existence, without becoming defeatist. It helps us to grow. It helps us to mature.

As a kid I learned from the Disney movies that everything is possible. From C.S. Lewis and Tolkien, I learned that virtue is close to suffering but that in the end, somehow everything pays off. From Craig Thompson I’ve learned of the nuances of faith, and of the suffering of poverty and sex slaves. From Jonathan Franzen I’ve learned the significance of the details of everyday life. From AquaSixio I’ve learned of the connection between the environment and the psyché. From Van Gogh I’ve learned that a broken vase can still breathe beauty.

Art shapes the way we see and behave in the world. To make art is important because it allows us to dream, and helps our friends to keep on dreaming. It’s not an easy path. But if you have anything inside of you worth telling the world, become proficient in whichever artistic language you choose.

Because that’s the only way you’ll make yourself heard.

That’s the only way you’ll make a difference.

Through the child’s heart. In an adult’s mind.

Hooray! We’re in August and I’m so happy I’ve been able to write and update this blog throughout this summer so far! In the month of July we had 83 visitors and 132 views! 24 more visitors and 23 views than the last month! Let’s celebrate small achievements! Woohooo!

If you’d like to get updates when blog posts come out, you can follow my Facebook page, or sign up for the mailing list that WordPress has set up — it’s on the bar to the side I believe!

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